Finding the BEST food and hospitality domain names part 1

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You strive to provide the best in food and drink, cater our important gatherings, and offer us places to meet and relax — but even the best food and hospitality ventures won’t flourish if they can’t be found. So it is extremely strategic to find the BEST food and Hospitality Domain Name for your Business.

You need a strong online presence. And that means you need a website address that perfectly represents your brand and that people will remember. Enter food and hospitality domain names.

Your domain name will help customers find you on the web. That being said, it is important to know exactly what a domain name is, how to find which food and hospitality domain name caters to your best interests, and so much more.

Guide to find the BEST food and hospitality domain names

This guide will walk you through the basics of understanding your food and hospitality domain name options, and choosing the best domain name(s) for your unique venture. We’ll cover:

Ready to learn more? Let’s dig in!

What is a domain name?

Simply put, your website is your online house and the domain name is the address. It’s how someone locates you online, your piece of digital real estate so to speak.

For example, is a domain name.

Your domain name has great importance and value for your brand.

Like physical real estate, a domain name is an investment.

So, devoting your time and money to finding the right food and hospitality domain name is of the utmost importance.

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Domain extensions for food and hospitality businesses

Now that we know what a domain name is, let’s take a look at some of the extensions available.

An extension is technically referred to as a TLD (Top Level Domain). A TLD can come in many forms and is the combination of characters to the right of the “dot” in a web address.

When you think of a domain name it usually ends with .com. Since .com domains are the most common domain extension, finding a short and memorable domain name that ends in .com can be tricky. However, there are other domain extensions that might work for your online name.

A plethora of new industry-, interest- and geo-specific domain extensions can help lock in your branding and even give your website better ranking in search results.

Domain names that end with food and hospitality extensions can tell your customers and prospects exactly what you have to offer at a glance. When you choose your domain name extension, first think about your product or service.

Do you own a bed & breakfast? Then consider a .rest or .vacation domain name.

Do you offer event catering? Then consider .party or .catering for your domain extension.

Now, let’s look at more specific food and hospitality domain name extensions that can help you be more successful online.

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Food and Hospitality Domains Chart

If you own a …Check out these domain extensions
Restaurant/bar/, .net, .club, .restaurant, .bar, .cafe, .menu, .kitchen, .pub, .rest, .beer, .pizza, .wedding, .zone, .recipes, .review, .delivery, .wine, .vin, .vodka
Hotel/B&, .net, .rest, .vacations, .villas, .gallery, .review
Catering, .net, .catering, .services, .menu, .kitchen, .events, party, .cooking, .bar, .beer, .tips, .recipes, .review, .delivery
Farm/farmer’s, .net, .farm, .green, .garden, .market, .recipes, .net, .coffee, .cafe, .house, .menu, .review
Wedding/Party planning, .net, .design, .guru, .expert, .party, .services, .events,.style, .tips, .wedding, .gallery, .xyz
Reception/Convention, .net, .services, .catering, .wedding, .events, .space, .gallery, .bar, .menu, .review
Hospitality supply, .net, .equipment, .supply, .supplies, .wedding, .restaurant, .catering, .kitchen, party, .delivery, .services

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Using geo-specific domain extensions

Since 46% of all Google searches are seeking local information, it also makes sense to register geo-specific domain names.

Keep in mind that most decisions to visit a restaurant are made spur of the moment by entering food and location search criteria. Likewise, vacationers will look for lodgings associated with a destination.

This is why it’s so important to have a domain name that tells what you are, what your products or services are, and where you are located.

Own a reception hall in Las Vegas, Nevada? Pick up to tell potential customers what you do and where you do it at a glance.

Are you a tour guide that specializes in tours around Los Angeles, California? Try

Operate a bed-and-breakfast in Beaumaris, Wales? Snag an ultra-descriptive website address ending in .wales.

If you serve customers worldwide, make your global reach clear with domain name that ends in .international, .global or .world.

NYC - Best food and hospitality domain
You can also choose a domain extension based on location. For instance,

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